Codonopsis pilosula
Bastard Ginseng, Dang Shen

Codonopsis pilosula, Dang Shen, Bastard Ginseng

, a beautiful, vining perennial, has delicate bell-shaped lavender-veined flowers. Its cultivation is easy. Like many rare and tiny seeds, we start them in sterile potting soil, pot on when they are seedlings, then transplant after danger of frost. We use bamboo for a trellis, before setting out or after older plants come up, being careful not to damage roots. Codonopsis loves shade.
Grow specs:
Twining up to 6'. Shade. Sandy, well-drained soil. Hardy.

Roots are used for energy deficiency, lack of appetite, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure and invigorating the spleen. Its reputation as “poor man's ginseng” is well deserved. A delicate, yet powerful herb.

Codonopsis root Codonopsis growing on trellis

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