Perilla frutescens
Beefsteak plant, Zi-Su-Zi

Perilla frutescens, Beefsteak plant, Zi-Su-Zi

A self-seeding annual with a peculiar fragrance, Perilla's flowers are white, lavender, light violet or purplish and the foliage is ruffled green to purple with a metallic luster. Uniformly vigorous and resistant to anything that could weaken it! We have both green and purple varieties.
Grow specs:
1 1/2-3 feet. Average garden soil. Full sun.

Medicinally, it has traditionally been used for coughs, lung ailments, uterine troubles, asthma, constipation, hiccups, colds, stuffy nose, snake bite and a number of other conditions. Recent studies have shown it may sometimes cause lung lesions. It is widely used as a condiment in Japan and China.   (Photo © Steven Foster)

Green Perilla frutescens
Purple Perilla frutescens

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