Belamcanda chinensis
Blackberry Lily, She-Gan

Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily, She-Gan

Really an iris, not a lily, this short-lived hardy perennial has exotic orange flowers with red or purple spots that bloom in July of the second year. We start seeds in a little box, water and wait for them to get two nice-sized leaves before putting them out. Transplant into groups or rows ten inches apart. Tubers move easily. Shiny black seeds follow in September.

Grow specs: 2-3 feet. Well-drained soil. Full sun.

Warning! Root is potentially toxic. Belamcanda is used to treat deep coughs when accompanied by hoarseness, for clearing phlegm, sore throats, bronchitis or wheezing. As a poultice it can be applied to twisted ankles, contusions and some kinds of dermatitis.

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