Artemisia annua
Sweet Annie, Quing-Hao

Artemisia annua, Sweet Annie, Quing-Hao

Sweet Annie is a fast growing, sweet-scented annual with tiny green-yellow blossoms. Sow directly in early spring and thin to two feet. The bright green, fern-like foliage makes a full backdrop for smaller plants and lasts into late October when the seed ripens. Not invasive. Sweet and easy, it invites no pests, is hardy in driest times and will grow anywhere.
Grow specs:
1-9 feet. Any soil. Full sun.

Heat relief is the main use in Chinese medicine. It has also been used for treatment of colds, dysentery, indigestion and fevers related to sunstroke and tuberculosis. Currently the World Health Organization is doing research using the seeds of Sweet Annie for treatment of malaria.   (Photo © Steven Foster)

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