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Online ordering

How to Order: It's easy to buy our seeds and books online. Our shopping cart allows you to select any item by clicking its associated  button.

This begins the construction of a shopping list. To change the quantity of your order simply put in your preferred quantity next to the item on the shopping list. Then click the Recalculate button. This automatically updates the price to the correct amount. To order more items, click Continue Shopping and you will be returned to the page you were on.

Tips on using the shopping cart:
* Enable cookies
* Don't use Back, Forward, or Refresh
* If you have trouble, use our offline ordering page, print and mail it to us.

Shipping: To calculate the cost of shipping, make a selection from the dropdown menu and then click Recalculate.

Sales Tax: If you are in MISSOURI, check the box to add sales tax and then click Recalculate. If you are NOT in Missouri, don't check the sales tax box!

Check Out: Minimum Order: $10.00. When you've selected all your items, and your total including shipping cost is US $10 or over, you may proceed to checkout. Click Go to Payments. Fill the form out completely. This information is essential for us to process your order quickly and accurately.

We use a secure server for credit card orders. Your personal information and credit card number cannot be viewed by a third party nor will it be used to solicit you for unwanted products.

How it Works:  When an order has been properly processed, we receive an e-mail message with your order. We will contact you if there's a question about your order, otherwise we ship it right away.

It's not Working:  Please make sure your web browser is set to accept cookies.

Payment: All payments must be made in U.S. Currency. We accept checks, money orders, Visa and Mastercard.

International orders:  We accept only prepaid orders in U.S. funds: money orders, bank transfers, or credit cards.

Shipping Information: Seeds and books shipped U.S. mail. Please include a UPS shipping address when ordering anything other than seeds.

Back Orders: Out of stock seed orders will be credited. Back orders will be held for eight weeks on books only. After that they will be refunded. We do not back order seeds.

Packaging: We use recycled and reused packaging materials whenever possible.

Customer Service: We are available by phone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at (417) 679-1003.

Ordering Offline: If you'd rather order offline, simply print out our order form and send it to us along with your payment. Full instructions are in the form.